Get your POOL tokens at:

Phase 1 of the ICO is now over. StakePOOL is now running wallets for 30+ coins.

You can view the coins and values we have at this location


Jan 15 - ICO is over. New Whitepaper and site coming soon.

Dec 5 - SYScoin masternode ready to launch

Dec 4 - Reward payment sent to POOL token holders

Nov 4 - Update posted

Nov 3 - 9.03% ETH payout has gone out to POOL token holders.

Oct 8 - BOScoin masternode delayed until 2018 due to BOScoin release being pushed back

Oct 3 - Ethereum payouts have been made. The first payout was a little over 3% for 10 days of staking and we nearly doubled projections. You can see payouts at

Oct 1 - blockchain snapshot taken, stay tuned for payout in ETH.

Sept 29 - POOL tokens can be bought and sold on Ether Delta. The pre-ICO is over, but you can always buy them on an exchange. Rewards WILL be going out in the next few days so make sure your ETH is in your wallet by Oct 1, 2017 midnight UTC.

POOL tokens have been issued. To avoid confusion with another coin, we will be changing our coin symbol to POOL. Current token holders won't need to do anything. The new tokens will hit the exchanges shortly.

Staking has begun. As of Sept 18, 2017 we have masternodes online for Exclusive Coin, Arctic Coin, Transfer Coin, and Siberian Chervonets. We are also staking Blackcoin, OKCash, PINK, STRAT, Lisk, and Vcash. More will be added soon.


As trading volume increases we will be adding more exchanges. Currently you can purchase POOL tokens at IDEX and Ether Delta

About Us

About images

POS Mining Co. is launching an ICO to buy more coins to stake with. Unlike POW mining farms, Proof-Of-Stake mining requires lots of coins to stake with. We already have the facility, the encrypted servers, everything is ready to go from day 1. Our facility uses solar power which accounts for about 45% of our power needs. We are located in Southern California and have a loads of sun to keep the energy consumption to a minimum.

POS Mining Pool Team

With the ICO, we plan on doing 3 rounds. The 1st round will be for current POOL coins and we will start staking them on Day 1 to earn our POOL token holders money. Round 2 will be announced at a later date, closer to the switch of Ethereum to Casper. Round 2 is setup primarily to buy more Ethereum ahead of it implementing Casper and going to a POOL model. Round 3 will only be used if funds are needed for more masternodes or staking at a point down the road. This decision will be made by token holders. All POOL token holders will be paid monthly in Ethereum for earnings. 25% of earnings will go back into staking, 10% will be used to cover costs associated with the operations of the POS Mining Co. and the rest (65%) will be distributed to the POOL token holders monthly.


Important Features

  • Infrastructure already in place, already mining and earning profits
  • 1st reward payout went out October 3, 2017 to stakeholders
  • Earn from Masternodes and POS
  • Redundant HVAC and power systems
  • Energy efficient POS mining

"POS is one mining alternative that is already here, and that essentially does away with the computational waste of proof of work entirely. Rather than requiring the prover to perform a certain amount of computational work, a proof of stake system requires the prover to show ownership of a certain amount of money." Vitalik Buterin

Our Team

L.A. Fisher


Earned his B.A. in Mathematics from UCSB. Following college he has worked IT and in the financial sector before making the switch to crypto around 2013.

Kenneth Larson

Sr. Advisor

Currently running a private mid-sized POS mining farm.

Dee Sanchez


Roger Cunningham


Our Current Coin Portfolio

Coins currently in our portfolio

  • Boscoin

    Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform

  • Blackcoin

    peer-to-peer digital currency with a distributed, decentralized public ledger

  • OKCash

    The future of cash and micro payments

Our Roadmap

Roadmap to continued success

August 2017

ICO Announcement, whitepaper finalized

1st week Sept 2017

Move servers to in-house secured location with multiple redundancies

Sept 7, 2017

Launch pre-ICO

Sept 7, 2017

Immediately move funds from ICO to POS wallets

Oct 1, 2017

Begin processing payment for early adopters

Oct 10, 2017

Launch ICO (wave 1)

Nov 1, 2017

Process payments for token holders

Dec 1, 2017

Process payments for token holders / possible Casper updates


Casper launch and POS Ethereum